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Prof. M. Jeyachandran, Ph.D.,

Dept. of Chemistry,
Sri Paramakalyani College,
Alwarkurichi, TN, India.

Prof.C.Vedhi, Ph.D.,

Dept. of Chemistry,
V.O.Chidambaram College,
Tuticorin, TN, India.

Prof. M. Seenuvasan, Ph.D.,

Associate Prof. & Head,
Dept. of Biotechnology,
Madha Engg. College,
Chennai, TN, India.

Dr. S. Pitchaimuthu, Ph.D.,

Assistant Professor,
Department of Chemistry,
Thiagarajar College,
Madurai, TN, India.

Dr. Bharat Makwana, Ph.D.,

Assistant Professor,
Dept. of Chemistry,
H.V.H.P. Institute, KSV University,
Gujarat, India.

Dr. Anita Sharma, Ph.D.,

Assistant Professor,
Dept. of Chemistry,
S.S. Jain Subodh (Autonomous) College,
Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

Dr. Pooja Sharma, Ph.D.,

Assistant Professor,
Dept. of Chemistry,
Northern India Engg College,
Delhi, India.

Dr. A. Sahayaraja, Ph.D.,

Assistant Professor,
PG & Research Dept. of Chemistry,
G.T.N.Arts College,
Dindigul, TN, India.

Dr. C. Varalakshmi, Ph.D.,

Professor, Dept. of Engineering Science,
Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology,
Navi Mumbai, India.