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Article – Journal of Nanoscience and Technology

Journal of Nanoscience and Technology, Volume 4,Issue 2,2018 Pages 345-347

Structural and Optical Characterization of Copper Selenide (Cu2-XSe) Nanoparticles
Namith Nava Krishnan, S. Vijayakumar*, P. Gnanadurai, R. Shabu, K.C. Preetha


The stoichiometric Cu2Se and non-stoichiometric Cu1.98Se nanoparticles were prepared by a simple chemical method at room temperature The X-ray diffraction patterns revealed the formation of single phase nanostructured Cu2Se and Cu1.98Se particles with cubic lattice for different deposition conditions and the particle size is 17.45 nm, 26.85 nm respectively for Cu2Se and Cu2-xSe. Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) confirmed the formation of single phase Cu2Se and Cu1.98Se nanoparticles, with characteristic vibrational modes of Cu and Se ions. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) studies revealed that the Cu2Se particle surface is found to be textured with grains of irregular shapes while for Cu1.98Se, a mesh like structure which is loosely packed than Cu2Se is observed. This distinction may be due to variations in Cu content as seen from EDAX analysis. UV-Vis Studies specify blue shift from the bulk copper selenide as observed from the absorption shoulders occurs at 281 nm for Cu2Se and 276 nm for Cu1.98Se samples. The Optical band gap obtained for Cu2Se and Cu2-xSe nanoparticles are 4.41 eV and 4.52 eV respectively.

Keywords: Copper Selinide; Nanoparticle; Spectral Studies;