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Article – Journal of Nanoscience and Technology

Journal of Nanoscience and Technology, Volume 3,Issue 3,2017 Pages 266-269

Synthesis and Evaluation of Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Silver Nanoparticles from Cissus vitiginea Leaf Extract
I. Gnanasundaram, K. Balakrishnan*

To meet the increasing demands for commercial nanoparticles new eco-friendly “green” methods of synthesis are being discovered. Plant mediated synthesis of nanoparticles offers single step, easy extracellular synthesis of nanoparticles. Nanotechnology refers broadly to a field of applied science and technology whose unifying theme is the control of matter on the atomic and molecular scale. Nanoparticles exhibit completely new or improved properties based on specific characteristics such as size, distribution and morphology. The silver nanoparticles have various and important applications. In this work, we describe a cost effective and environment friendly technique for green synthesis of silver nanoparticles from 1 mM AgNO3 solution through the extract of Cissus vitiginea leaf as it is acts as a reducing as well as capping agent. Nanoparticles were characterized using UV–Vis absorption spectroscopy and SEM analysis showed the average particle size range 10-40 nm with higher density polydispersed spherical in shape. The synthesized silver nanoparticles exhibited potential anti-inflammatory activity.

Keywords: Nanochemistry; Cissus vitiginea; Silver Nanoparticles; SEM; Anti-Inflammatory Activity;