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Article – Journal of Nanoscience and Technology

Journal of Nanoscience and Technology, Volume 5,Issue 4,2019 Pages 797-801

Nano-Biosensors for Cancer Diagnostics: Current Status and Future Prospects
Kanchan Karki*, Rashmi Bisht, K.S. Shahi, Rinku Ranga, Uzra Malik


Cancer is one of the leading life-threatening diseases all over the globe which costs highest mortality rates. Early detection of cancer increases the chance of a cure and survival rates but unfortunately mostly cancers are diagnosed only after they have metastasized throughout the body. The list of the biomarkers associated with over 200 types of cancer has witnessed a significant increase in the recent past however the highly sensitive and specific biomarkers are still need of time. Biosensors are devices that are designed to detect a specific biological analyte by converting the complex biological reactions into an electrical signal whose intensity is associated with the concentration of the analyte. Nanotechnology with nanomaterials improves and modifies the biorecognition element part to improve the biosensing phenomenon and makes it one of the hottest topics attracting scientific fraternity. Use of diverse numbers of nanomaterials with good electrical and sensing properties has promised a smarter and faster detection with better reproducibility. This review briefly summarizes the few different types of biosensors based on different types of nanomaterials for cancer biomarker detection. This paper also highlights the obstacles related to their developmental and implicational aspects.

Keywords: Cancer Biomarkers; Nano-Biosensors; Nanomaterials;