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Article – Journal of Nanoscience and Technology

Journal of Nanoscience and Technology, Volume 4,Issue 5,2018 Pages 516-518

Synthesis and Characterization of PANI/PVDF Composites for Dielectric and AC Conductivity
Sannakki Nagaraja, S.M. Ambalagi, H.K. Inamdar, B. Bharathi, D. Mahalesh, M.V.N. Ambika Prasad,
S. Basavaraja, P.S. Naik*


The polymer composites of polyaniline (PANI) with PVDF have been synthesized by polymerization method. The different composites of PANI with PVDF are obtained by adding 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2 and 2.5 N solutions of PVDF during the polymerization to get the PANI/PVDF composites. The synthesized samples of PANI and composite of PANI with PVDF polymer were characterized by using X-Ray diffraction (XRD). The dielectric properties such as dielectric constant, dielectric loss and AC conductivity for the composites of PANI/PVDF at different weight percentages are studied as a function of frequency in the range 5 Hz–35 MHz at ambient temperature. It is found that the dielectric permittivity decreased exponentially at lower frequency region up to 300 Hz and then the dielectric permittivity remains constant at higher frequency region as the frequency increased. It is also observed that the dielectric permittivity increased as the concentration of PVDF in the polymer composite increased as compared to PANI. Further, it is observed that the dielectric loss increased as a weight percentage of PVDF increased in the composite of PANI. In case of AC conductivity as the frequency increased the AC conductivity remains constant up to 6.75 MHz and afterwards it increases as frequency increased. This is due to the increase in charge carriers through the hopping mechanism in the polymer composites. It is also observed that as a weight percentage of PVDF increased the AC conductivity is also increased.

Keywords: PANI/PVDF; Polymer Composites; Dielectric Constant; Dielectric Loss; AC Conductivity;