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Article – Journal of Nanoscience and Technology

Journal of Nanoscience and Technology, Volume 4,Issue 4,2018 Pages 431-434

Nano-Dimensional Properties of Si-FinFET Transistor Based on ION/IOFF Ratio and Subthreshold Swing (SS)
Ahmed Mahmood, Yasir Hashim*, Hadi Bin Manap


This paper presents design the optimal channel dimensions for Silicon Fin Feld Effect Transistor (Si-FinFET) for improvement electrical characteristic of Si-FinFET depending on the electrical characteristics of the channel (ION/IOFF, SS, VT, DIBL). The MuGFET simulation tool has been using to investigate the electrical characteristics of Si-FinFET. The current voltage characteristics has been simulating with different dimensions channel (length, width and oxide thickness). The best channel dimensions of Si-FinFET observed based on electrical characteristics at the working voltage VDD range of 0-5 V. Note that the results with the scaling channel dimensions. Depending on ION/IOFF ratio higher value, and nearest SS to the ideal SS, the best scaling channel dimensions (K) will be K=0.25 at VDD=5 V and K=0.25 at VDD=0.5 V.

Keywords: FinFET; ION/IOFF Ratio; Subthreshold;