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Article – Journal of Nanoscience and Technology

Journal of Nanoscience and Technology, Volume 2,Issue 3,2016 Pages 176-177

Laser Technique for Shape and Size Reconstruction of Hearing Aids for The Human Ear Canal
N.M. Ali*, Z.T. Al-Dahan, F.F. Rashid, R.Sh. Mahmood

A hearing impairment occurs as a result of deterioration in the hearing system, often occurs to the elderly people due to ageing. The present work is aimed to design and construct a system used to capture an image of human ear canal to determine the dimensions of ear canal in order to design a hearing aid. This work was carried out in two parts, hardware and software. The system consists of: a Green laser source which has a wavelength of (532 nm), and of about (51 mw) power, a reflector with a thickness of (1 mm). Otoscope is made from stainless steel type (302). A MATLAB software (image processing) was used for determining dimensions of human ear canal by using algorithim, and for calculating the percentage of error (P.e.) for correcting the design of the hearing aid, a clear image of human ear canal has been captured using the proposed system. However, the dimensions of ear canal are measured taking an average time of (10 minutes). The P.e. of the length of the ear canal is (±0.72%), and P.e. of width ear canal is (±1.33 %). Finally, the results are considered as a proof-of-concept to measure the dimensions of human ear canal automatically for hearing aid production.

Keywords: Hearing Aids; Human Ear Canal; Laser; Otoscope;