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Article – Journal of Nanoscience and Technology

Journal of Nanoscience and Technology, Volume 6,Issue 4,2020 Pages 924-927

Carbon Dot-Lanthanide Composite Based Smart Luminescent Anticounterfeiting Material
Pranav Y. Dave*, Jyoti Sharma


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

In this emerging technology world, the counterfeit of products are increasing due to raising the economy of industry. Counterfeiting is as old as the human desire to create objects of value. There are number of products, which can be easily duplicated by simple processes and the product is accurate and precise. Counterfeit is a problem of product security, the rise and affects every product category from consumer goods to medicines and spare parts. Products can furthermore contain non-active or even toxic- ingredients. So, luminescent materials are useful to detect different counterfeit products at different wavelength. The carbon dots-lanthanide composite based gel formulation is used to coat on different subtract and according to the process their different characterization part for the prevention of counterfeit problems. Carbon dots-lanthanide composites are basically easy to synthesis and they have fluorescent property, which can help to make product unique and diverse. With help of UV chamber, the carbon dots-lanthanide composites are easily detected at some particular wavelength. So by using this property, the gel formulation can be fabricated to coat on different subtract and characterize different surface morphology for the future precepts. UV-Vis- spectrophotometer was utilized to differentiate optical properties and fluorospectrometer was exploited to differentiate fluorescent properties of carbon dots, carbon dots-lanthanide composite and CDs-lanthanide based fluorescent ink. FT-IR and viscometer were used characterized other properties of carbon dots-lanthanide based fluorescent ink. This research article is the revised article of one step synthesis of carbon dots based smart fluorescent security ink.

Keywords: Carbon dots; Carbon Dots-Lanthanide Composite; Fluorescent Security Ink; Anticounterfeiting;

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