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Article – Journal of Nanoscience and Technology

Journal of Nanoscience and Technology, Volume 4,Issue 5,2018 Pages 567-571

Enhanced Sensing of 4-Nitroso-N,N–Dimethyl Aniline using Multi-Walled Carbon Nano Tube Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode
Aaron Mary Ratna Sylvia, C. Vedhi*, A. Gomathi


The voltammetric behaviour of 4-nitroso-N,N–dimethylaniline (4-NDMA) was investigated on plain glassy carbon electrode (GCE) and multi-walled carbon nanotube modified GCE (MWCNT/GCE) using cyclic voltammetry. Effects of pH, scan rate and concentration were studied. The surface morphology of the modified electrode in the absence and presence of 4-NDMA molecules was characterized by atomic force microscope (AFM). A systematic study on the variation of experimental parameters with differential pulse stripping voltammetry (DPSV) was carried out and the optimized experimental conditions were arrived. MWCNT/GCE performed well compared with the plain GCE system and the limit of detection (LOD) was found to be 7.5 ng/mL 0.1056 ng/mL for 4-NDMA on plain GCE and MWCNT/GCE respectively.

Keywords: Nitrosamine; Cyclic Voltammetry; Multi- Walled Carbon Nanotube;